¿What is the DAO deficiency, which is the role of the histamine and which treatments exist? Interview to Dr. Pedro Ojeda

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Dr. Pedro Ojeda, Coodirector of Ojeda’s Clinic of Asthma and Allergy, and member of the International Society of DAO deficiency, tells us about the nature of DAO deficiency, the symptoms of this metabolic disorder, the role of histamine in the body and the treatments available today for its management and prevention. Dr. Pedro Ojeda begins…

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¿How is it diagnosed the DAO deficiency? Interview to Dr. Eva Ruiz

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The DAO deficiency is an alteration in the metabolism of food histamine that occurs when there is low activity of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO). This situation occurs when, for different genetic, pharmacological and/or pathological factors, creates a considerable deficiency in the functional activity of this enzyme. In this video, the technical director of GENYCA-Diagnostic…

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Involvement of the DAO deficiency in allergies, can produce asthma the wine or champagne? – Alergias MedicinaTV

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Published 31 oct. 2018 – Alergias MedicinaTV – Language: English. The implication of the DAO deficiency in allergies, together with the intolerance to sulphites, are a cause of asthma in people who suffer from both syndromes, and even more when them consume alcoholic drinks like champagne or wine. There are two possible mechanisms by which the consumption…

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Histamine Intolerance: Causes and Solutions – Dr. David Jockers

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Broadcast in live 10 aug. 2018 – Dr David Jockers – Language: English. The histamine intolerance, its causes and solutions are really related with DAO deficiency and with the reduction of de diamine oxidase enzime activity. In this video Dr. David Jockers speaks about histamine, its physiological and pathological effects, the histamine intolerance symptoms, the high histamine…

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All about histamine – Amy Myers, MD

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Published 5 apr. 2018 – AmyMyersMD – Language: English In this video Amy Myers, MD, talks about what histamine intolerance is, how to know if you have it, what causes it, and most importantly, the steps you can take to overcome it. “I know from personal experience that histamine intolerance can be very confusing and frustrating because the…

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Talk INFARMA: dietary approach of the DAO Deficiency (Dr. Ismael San Mauro and Gda. Adriana Duelo)

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Published  30 mar. 2018 – INFARMA 2018 – Adriana Duelo – Language: Spanish. Here we share the talk that Adriana Duelo, nutritionist and dietician, and the Dr. Ismael San Mauro gave on 14 March in the International Pharma Congress INFARMA 2018 (Madrid), in which addressed the dietary treatment of the histaminosis caused by DAO deficiency. They talked about the importance…

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food intolerance could cause unexpected symptoms

Food intolerance could cause unexpected symptoms – ABC7

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 Thursday, 12 Oct, 2017 – ABC7 – Language: English. The holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos has been interviewed on ABC7 to display how to identify and manage an histamine intolerance. This is caused by a deficit of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO), main enzyme in the metabolism and elimination of histamine. Among the methods to follow…

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Histaminosis: the “new” unknown allergy – Redacción Médica

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Published the 21 mar. 2016 – Redacción Médica – Language: Spanish. Ismael San Mauro, an expert in human nutrition and dietetics and specialized in personalized nutrition talks about the  Histaminosis. Histaminosis is a new medicine syndrome which consists in poor metabolic activiy of the enzyme that degrades histamine: the diamine oxidase (DAO), directly related with the metabolic alteration…

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Migraine, headaches and DAO deficency: causes and symptoms

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Posted the 10 Jan. 2016 – Alimmenta, dietistas nutricionistas – Languaje: Spanish. There are different types of headaches, chronic tension headaches and migraines, with different causes and symptoms. One of the existing types of migraine headaches is due to a shortage of the enzyme diamine oxidase or DAO. The deficit in the DAO enzyme produces high levels…

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Conference about DAO deficiency performed in INFARMA 2015 wednesday 25 march

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27 march 2015 – DR healthcare – Language: Spanish   Conference about the biological bases, the etiology, treatment and prevention of symptoms caused by the DAO deficiency. Performed by Dr. Ramón tormo Carnice, specialist in Gastroenterology and Head of the unit of Gastroenterology and Nutrition Quirón Hospital in Barcelona, and by Adriana Duelo, Dietician-Nutritionist, a…

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