About us

The International Society of DAO Deficiency promotes the progress of science and industry in favour of the population affected by this metabolic disorder.

It is an ASSOCIATION with legal personality and full capacity to act, under the Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, and with supplementary rules with legal personality and full capacity to act.


  • To exchange ideas so as to understand DAO deficiency’s biological basis as well as the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects and prevention more deeply;
  • To promote these scientific developments, so they can affect the healthcare system, and therefore, the welfare of DAO deficiency patients and to promote medical care, doctor’s office and the diagnosis of patients.
  • To develop and improve health care and food products so that the quality of life of people with this enzyme deficiency is improved.
  • Any other legal activity related to the above-mentioned purposes.


  • To promote and organize prevention, health education and information campaigns.
  • To sponsor meetings, training courses, studies and research.
  • To establish relations with scientific and cultural bodies or similar societies.
  • To establish relations with food and technological development enterprises.



Establishing relationship