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The past 17 November 2018 took place in Orense the training on deficit of DAO (diamine oxidase) given by the dietician-nutritionist Adriana Duelo and organized by CODINUGAL (Official College of Dieticians-nutritionists of Galicia).

The training consisted in:

– First part of introduction in which she spoke about what is the Histamine, its metabolism and the symptoms of the DAO Deficiency.

– The second part in which was addressed the scientific evidence and was analyzed a real case .

– And a last part to resolve the doubts of the attendees.

Here we present you the interview given by the dietician-nutritionist Adriana Duelo to the  Communication Commission of CODINUGAL. Adriana Duelo is one of the largest international experts in this area of the nutritional medicine, since the DAO deficiency is a metabolic disorder with genetic bases that has dietary and food treatments for a large number of their symptoms: “migraine”, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”, “fibromyalgia”, “vascular headaches”, “atopic dermatitis”, “muscle aches.”




“The science together with experience are the best formations.”


Why did you decide to specialize in deficit of DAO?

Because in my family are several who suffer deficit of DAO and we knew it when I was cursed 3º of NH (Human Nutrition) and D (Dietetics) at the University. So I decided to make my end of career work on the subject and I ended up specialing. Today 90% of patients who I visit have this disorder in the metabolism of histamine.


What kind of specific training is in this field?

Very little, […]is a specialty so young still has no formal training. So there is no other that autotraining […] Science together with experience are the best formations.


What type of patients are the ones that come to your consult? all of them have common symptoms?

[…]Suffer from dyspepsia (digestion disorder that appears after meals and whose symptoms are nausea, heaviness and pain in the stomach, heartburn and flatulence), migraine and symptoms of allergies […]how rhinitis or urticaria. The picture of a person suffering deficit of DAO includes more than 2 or 3 symptoms normally, all derived from an excess of histamine by not being able to degrade it in a correct way. […] We also see patients with muscle aches and chronic fatigue (often diagnosed of fibromyalgia), hyperactive children and with attention deficit (much diagnosed with ADHD), menstrual pains that improve or disappear with treatment and other symptoms less common.


What analytical parameters are used to detect deficit of DAO?

Currently there is only one way to assess the activity of the enzyme diamine oxidase, which is through a blood analysis and can be performed in most laboratories. There is a genetic profile test to find out if there’s bias. It values if they are affected some of the 4 known polymorphisms of the DAO gene .

On the other hand, research teams are developing protocols to be detected using a urine sample, a fact that would be much simpler and faster.


Can it be cured?

I don’t like to talk about healing, because it is difficult to assert it with total security. […] what you can is to control the symptoms, which in the end is what matters to the patient.

The DAO Deficiency can be derived from a genetic mutation or due to a surgical intervention and never be recovered, but there are also people who have deficit of DAO acquired by consumption of certain drugs blockers of the enzyme, inflammatory bowel disease or consumption of alcoholic beverages, among others. In these cases you can greatly improve the activity with appropriate treatment. The vast majority of patients have a genetic factor, but equally become them who control their symptoms and not vice versa.


In addition to Diototerapia recommends any supplement or medication?

It is indispensable at the beginning and in the long run. We recommend you take enzyme diamine oxidase, a food for special medical purposes which facilitates the metabolism of histamine food security during the digestion and allows you to be able to follow a diet something less restrictive.


What are the most important recommendations in terms of Dietherapy?

[…]Remove cold meats, dairy products, citrus, alcohol. […] Are found in most foods to one extent or another. So it would be the best to receive personalized advice to achieve success without falling into a diet too restrictive and little nutritious.


*Nutritional Medicine

The focus of the nutritional medicine is one of the greatest advances that western medicine has been incorporated in recent decades. This discipline involves nutrition and dietetics within the complex system of causes and effects that generate disorders and diseases, but also health.

*New foods and supplements

In this way, new foods and nutritional supplements, such as the use of certain enzymes in patients with deficits, or pre-, pro- and post-biotics, allow you to rebalance alterations caused by external factors, but also internal, own of the individual.

We are referring to both genetic diseases as to diseases and physiological disorders, and taking into consideration the fact that these can be developed or exacerbated by exposure to avoidable elements of our environment, or our habits.

*Potential and reality

From this interview is distilled the potential and the reality of this science: developing new alternative treatments to the current pharmacopoeia; more consistent and durable, without seeking immediate effects through substances that alter deeply the balance of the organism; and providing innovative qualities, without side effects and that form the basis of the relationship so palpable between health and food.


This interview is located within the newsletter of CODINUGAL, drawn up by the Communication Commission  of this collegiality and published in January 2019. You can access the pdf of the newsletter through this link (the document is in spanish).


If you would like more information, access via the following links to content about DAO Deficiencycauses and origin, which are rich histamine foods, which foods produce endogenous histamine release or act as blockers of the Diamine Oxidase activity

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