Advisory Bodies

The International Society of DAO Deficiency is composed of three Committees integrated by experts and people belonging to clinical-assistential and research groups, enterprises and patient associations. These represent the world of science, industry and innovation, and society respectively.

Its fundamental mission is to collaborate and advice the Board of directors to ensure better delivery of the activities and work plans of the Association.

Advisory Bodies:

  • a) The Scientific Committee.
  • b) The Social Committee.
  • c) The Industry and Research Committee.

If proposed by the Board of directors, other advisory bodies may be created besides the already existing within the Society.

Appointment of Committee members

Any member associated to the International Society of DAO Deficiency can be part of the Committees.

Each Committee has a maximum number of ten members, but it may be extended after the Board of directors’ express agreement.

The appointment of members in each Committee is made by the Board of directors, for a two-year period.

Those appointments must be ratified by the General Assembly. The Committee members hold office without receiving any payment or compensation, notwithstanding their right to reimbursement of the duly justified expenses incurred in the performance of their functions; those expenses will be financed by the Association.

Internal rules and operation

Each Committee is comprised of a President, a Secretary and a maximum of eight Commissioners.

President of Committees

The president is elected from among the members of each Committee.

Once the President of the Committee has been elected, he/she becomes part of the Board of directors exerting the function of vocal member.

Likewise, the president’s duties within the relevant Committee are:

  • a) To chair and direct the meetings of the Committee..
  • b) To propose work topics within the specific area
  • c) To convene the Committee at least twice a year.
  • d) To coordinate the publications and works made by the Committee
  • e) To present, before de Board of directors, or as the case may be, the General Assembly, an annual report of the activities performed and future projects, including the modifications concerning the Committee members.
  • f) To act as spokesperson for the Committee in its relations with public or private bodies, as well as in the Board of directors and the General Assembly.
  • g) To perform any other duties assigned by the Board of directors within the framework of the current Statutes.

Secretary of Committees

Members of each Committee, appoint from amongst their number and by qualified majority, a Secretary for a two-year term.

Secretary’s role:

  • a) Distribute duties among the Committee members, according to the suggested issues.
  • b) Prepare minutes of all meetings and working sessions that shall be entered in a Minutes Book on a yearly basis.
  • c) Prepare an annual report of the performed activities and future projects, including the modifications concerning the Committee members.
  • d) Management Accounting
  • e) Anything else that the Committee deems necessary.