Food rich in other amines

Apart from rich-histamine foods, in patients with low DAO activity the high intake of foods rich in other amines such as putrescine, cadaverine, b-phenylethylamine, tryptamine, serotonine, tyramine and agmatine can trigger DAO saturation, avoiding it to degrade ingested histamine properly.

The most competitive amines against histamine to be degraded by DAO are putrescine and cadaverine, since their degradation is quicker than histamine and they capture the enzyme faster.

Amines amount can be different in each type of food, as in the case of histamine. Depending on the higher or lower presence of biogenic amines, food with the same histamime amount, could trigger symptoms or not.

Nevertheless, for symptoms not to appear, specific amounts for amines are established, indicating the maximum tolerable level, but they only refer to toxicity since values which relate the intake of foods rich in amines to DAO saturation have not been established yet.